Get support you need at every step of the way.

Custom cases from coast-to-coast.

Rapid prototyping with fast design turn arounds.

If your customers take your product on the road, give them more value by combining your product with a custom hard case —a case that protects. Contact us today to start building your case.

Customizable cases from the inside out.

The Options Are Endless

You’re getting the best price. We collaborate with industry leaders to manufacture cases and precision cut foam in-house to fit your needs. Thermoformed inserts, charging capabilities, wheels, anything you need ─ we will build. With endless customizable options, our engineers will design exactly how you want it.

  • Precision Foam Cutting
  • Plastic Thermoforming capabilities
  • Electric Integration
  • Engineering and Design Support
  • Inline Routing
  • Custom Pantone™ Color Matching
  • Branding
  • Testing

  1. Face-to-Face meetings to discover your needs
  2. Design a case to meet your specifications
  3. Present our design concept to you
  4. Prototype manufactured for approval
  5. Manufacture high quality custom cases
  6. Deliver on what we promised
Hard case holding electronics

Case by case process 

We make sure each custom case goes through a proven step by step process so we can deliver on what we promise.

Because we quote, engineer, prototype and manufacture under the same roof, we'll get you what you need, when you need it. With access to leading-edge technology and resources, we can quickly design and redesign with fast turnarounds.

Fast Turnaround

Support every step of the way 

From the very beginning, our support team will work with you to determine everything you’re looking for in a custom hard case. Our engineers will work meticulously to create a custom case design that meets your product specifications and present a concept to you. You’ll be a part of the process every step of the way, from prototyping to the final manufacturing approval process. Guaranteeing that you get a high-quality custom case.

Testing The Limits 

We want you to be confident in the product you are buying. Whether your company would like to utilize our dedicated engineers in our testing facilities or enlist a third party consultant, we want your product to be protected. Depending on the environment your case may find itself in, we can match it with an appropriate test: G-impact drop tests, water resistance, vibration or compression.

Do you want to differentiate your company with unique branding?

Would a custom case make sense for your product? Consider these questions:

When to consider a custom case?

Does your product need to be protected from bumps, water, fire, dust, chemicals, static electricity or even electromagnetic interference?

Will your customers travel with your product?

Are there many parts to organize?

We develop custom hard case solutions for manufacturers in a variety of industries, including robotics, education, medical, biotech, and military.   

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